Doctor Who Theme Party Ideas

Whovians in the United States have it hard when it comes to access to cool Doctor Who stuff.

Especially for kids.


My son, Ash, is a HUGE doctor who fan. He has seen every episode with the 9th, 10th and 11th Doctors. And like any kid, he wants Doctor Who Tshirts and toys. Since the show isn’t well known in the States, it makes it very difficult to get a hold of that stuff for kids, let alone stuff for a theme party.

But of course he requested a Doctor Who birthday party. He turns 9 this month.  He’s a good kid and I only have a few years left before he hits those dredded teen years, where he will be too cool for a party mom put together.
So I have been going out of my way to make this birthday memorable.

With Doctor Who, it’s not like you can just go down to your local party store and find Doctor Who invites and decore. Nope, American Whovians, have to be more creative.

If you are in a similar situation: keep calm and read on.

I have posted my ideas and later, after the party, I will post pictures of the results.

Ideas and Links for Doctor Who Party Stuff:

Etsy seems to be the best place to get Doctor Who invitations. Many are handmade, so they can get picey. But I found two shops and Etsy who had great and affordable invites that you could print out on your own. You just purchase the pdf file.

Alicia at The Gala Emporium has a good selection of Doctor Who Invitations for kid parties.

Over at DistInk Designs you can find a more grown up set of Doctor Who Inviations.

What to serve:
Here are a few Doctor who inspired foods:

Fish Fingers and Custard. The famous meal shared between The Doctor and Young Amelia Pond. Just serve a platter of fish and chips, with some vanilla custard on the side.


Jammie Dodgers also known as the Tardis self destruct button.
These are actually really hard to find in the US. Found some on amazon, but quantities where limited. They are expensive to ship from the UK. Trying stores like the World Cost Market maybe your best bet to finding some locally.



Sonic Screwdriver – The Drink.  You can serve it with or without the alcohol. There are plenty of receipes available on the web. I have included a few menus here.

Sonic Screwdriver by the Drunken Moogle

Doctor Who Party Recepies from the BBC

Always bring a banana to a party! – The Tenth Doctor.
The Doctor is a banana fan! Bananas are Good!
Put out a bowl of bananas or banana inspired dishes!

Apples with Happy faces



Adipose Marshmallows


When it comes to cakes, I recommened going to a local bakery. The most common cake I have come across is the TARDIS shapped cakes. Take pictures to your baker, pictures of what you have in mind and have a cake custom made for you. Many places can take a picture and make it edible. You can use a favorite image from the show and have it made edible across the cake.

Below are some interesting cakes I found online.


If you want something more economic, find or make a basic cake with blue frosting and add some doctor who toys as toppers.

Cupcakes are a great alternative to a cake or even a great companion to your cake.

These Dalek Cupcake Wrappers I purchased from Charming Madness.


This is a pretty inexpensive way to go. The PDF file for the wrapper cost me $15. Now I can make as many homemade cupcakes as I want.

For something a little more custom, you can always go to
Sugared Up. They offer very unique custom Doctor Who cupcake toppers, available to ship.

Decor and What More:
Decor is easy enough. Look for accents in Tardis Blue, white, silver and black.


Party Favors:


I found these Doctor Who Masks on the BBC One Games and Masks website. You can print them out for guest to wear or pose with.


TARDIS Piñata pruchased @ Geeky Mamas in Cerritos, CA.  Available to ship. Visit their Etsy Page AnimeChibiSen. I was so happy with the quality of their work! This piñata cost me arond $60 and was well worth it! It’s almost too awesome to break!
If you can’t afford to have it made, just purchase a generic blue piñata, use your color printer and print out some 5×7 or 8×10 Tardis or Doctor Who images. Cut the images out and glue it onto your piñata. Easy Peasy!

These are just some ideas I put together. Hopefully I will come up with some more fantastic ideas before the big day!

Wish me luck and tell me about your own Doctor Who party ideas. I am always interested to hear from fellow whovians 🙂

-Mon 🙂

19 thoughts on “Doctor Who Theme Party Ideas

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  3. I found the cupcake wrappers for 3.99 on a different website. Do you guys want the website address for future reference? They also have other stuff to.

  4. I did not even think of half of these! Glad I came along,your ideas are FANTASTIC 😉
    My nephew will be 6 in September and has requested a DW party,his favorite being 11. So I am helping plan,and we are so excited!!!

  5. We’re drawing sketchy TARDISes onto blue gift bags, making construction paper fezzes and a Dalek pinata. I think we’re also going to try and build a (cardboard) TARDIS console onto a round table but that might be a bit ambitious. My son’s turning 5 and probably knows more about DW than I do!

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