Ornament Story

Happy Friday 🙂

So Party People, I’m all about Instagram. I have the app on my Andriod device. I love posting and editing pictures. I love seeing other people’s photos. It’s like a photo journal of everyone’s day.  I am currently taking a December Photo A Day Challenge. Each day in December I have taken a picture of each of the assigned challenges below.


Tomorrow’s challenge is Ornaments. Coincidentally, CNNireport’s instagram team is asking followers to post photos of their ornaments and the stories behind them, by tagging #myornamentstory #cnnireport.

Which is AWESOME because i have a great Ornament Story!

This happened two year ago when my son Ashton was 6 years old. Christmas Day I found a brown paper lunch bag under our Christmas Tree. Assuming it was trash and being rather annoyed that someone left trash under the tree, I walked over to pick it up and throw it out. When i picked it up I noticed it was stapled closed and it had my son’s sloppy first grade writing on it. It said “To Mom From Ashton”.
Ashton got me a gift! How Sweet!
And since we didn’t have wrapping paper (because Santa wraps all the gifts at his workshop in the North Pole), he did his best to wrap mine. When it finally came time to open our gifts, I found the greastest gift ever. It was this Snowman ornanment with his picture.


Ashton made the ornament at school. On the last day of school, before winter break, his teacher gave the kids their ornaments to take home. He hid his ornament in his backpack for almost two weeks, so that he could have something to give me on Christmas.
Having been a single mom for 5 years, I had never gotten a gift from “the kids to mom” on Christmas. Daddy’s are usually incharge of that kind of stuff. And up until recently, it was only Ashton and I. It was the first Christmas gift I’d ever gotten from my son. And till this day its the greatest Christmas gift I’ve ever gotten.

It means so much to me. I have displayed it proudly on every Christmas tree since.

And tomorrow i will display it proudly on Instagram! Can’t wait!

Wishing you many amazing Ornament stories of your own,
-Monica 🙂